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Jennifer Hopkins


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1967, I am an American artist presently living and working, since 1997, in Eindhoven. I did my art education at the San Francisco State University with a focus in painting and drawing under Cherie Raciti, Paul Pratchenko, and the photorealist painter, Robert Bechtle. In 1997, searching for a broader perspective, not only over art, but also over my nationality, culture and my place in the world at large, I accepted an opportunity to move to the Netherlands and have since engrossed myself in the process of integration.

Inspired and sometimes challenged by the lessons and quirks of a new culture, I have continued to work at developing my own artistic language and identity. As a painter, my intention has been to use my visual language to reflect the \"zeitgeist\" of our moment in time. In relation to my work, I attempt to digest my experiences as an outsider and translate that into a meaningful commentary. Over the past years, I have continued to exhibit regularly within the Netherlands and for creative stimulation, recently volunteerd myself as 'vrijwilliger' for the van Abbe museum here in Eindhoven.