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Eindhoven Caucus

Toos Nijssen


Who am I , Who are you, Who are we? Where are we living and why are we living there? What does Home means to me, what does Home means to you?

These words together are the basic line from which I work, I place myself in a unknown situation such as a refugee camp, or a neighborhood which is totally unknown to me, or in different countries I search for interesting artist residences from which I can start my projects. The project deals with the social environment, the people who live there, the construction in which they live together or not.

I start my investigation through drawings, writings, conversations and so on. I finally invite people in front of my camera to sit there at first in silence, and then after 5 minutes they are asked to tell there personal story about what HOME means to them. Important thing is that they are alone in front of the camera, so its a sort of monologue.

All the portraits, writings, drawings are brought together in an installation form. Every portrait becomes part of an archive on which I am working for almost 10 years. Research and presentation come together more and more.