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All live recordings of the Eindhoven Caucus are collected here and ready for you to view.

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Saturday 10 Nov 2007

Link Part 1
"Becoming is not about "being on my way and one day I will get there", it Is about becoming all the time." Igor Dobricic

Introduction to the Caucus Eindhoven by Charles Esche and Annie Fletcher
Conversation on Becoming Dutch in the Age of Global Democracy: Paul Scheffer, Louk Hagendoorn, moderator: Dick Douwes

Link Part 2
"The reading of the historical words opens up a space for other voices, the voices that perhaps did not write history." Wendelien van Oldenborgh

Panel on art and its (national, social, critical, political) instrumentalization, ideas about being, be(com)ing and loosing identity.
with Igor Dobricic, Sudeep Dasgupta & Abdelkader Benali, moderator: Annie Fletcher.
Presentation of A Certain Brazilianess by artist Wendelien van Oldenborgh
Sunday 11 Nov 2007

Link Part 1
"…the ambition of a discussion around art and politics and democracy might be to think through how democracy can be seen in a different way: not as a form of state. Possibly in its most ideal form.. but obviously that also has its problematic on the notion of a totalitarian edge." Grant Watson

"Our idea is more about translation of political experiences into cultural, and backwards."
Dmitry Vilensky

"[…] there is a tragedy and a dramatic situation developing of that discussion of nation and I think in many senses we are trapped." Dmitry Vilensky

Introduction by Annie Fletcher
Panel on art and politics and democracy, moderator: Charles Esche
with Shepherd Steiner, Dmitry Vilensky & Grant Watson

Link Part 2
"The subtle thing for curatorial work is to correspond with those issues [identitarian issues that were relevant for local audiencie] without doint exactly what would be expected"

Presentation by artist Mario Rizzi, Neighbours
Keynote speaker: Roger Buergel, Beyond Identity and Difference, moderator: Charles Esche
Sa 17 Nov 2007 Link Part 1
"We are using the umbrella of art to operate other ways." Galit Eilat

"We believe that our projects, as process of curatorial knowledge production, can become transformative when our audiences and participants acquire new objects of knowledge coming out of the projects." Tone O'Nielsen

Introduction to the day by Annie Fletcher
Panel with Tone Olaf Neilsen, Erden Kosova, Galit Eilat

Link Part 2
"The life of memory exceeds the historic event by keeping alive the traces of images and words. Cultural memory, however, is only partially a mirror, cracked and encrusted, that sheds its light on the dark places of the present, waking a witness here, quickening a hidden fact there, bringing you face-to face with that anxious and impossible temporality, the past-present. Other than playing on the planes of the past and the present, memory is also a movement of the mind that suddenly shifts between the scenes o conscious life, and the mise-en-scene of unconscious dreams and desires. Like a Moebius strip, memory does not merely transform the appearance of things but changes the very dimensions of our perceptions." Homi Bhabha

Presentation of Summer Camp by artist Yael Bartana,
Keynote speaker: Homi Bhabha, On Global Ambivalence, moderator: Annie Fletcher
Su 18 Nov 2007 Link Part 1
"Who creates the image of the war that we are living?" Galit Eilat

"How do we deal with this digital rush of time; this flow of images which transmit so quickly? One strategy might be to rest, to pause, to stop for a moment by looking differently. To look at the work of art which can pause us in some of those ways in which we are thinking." Deborah Cherry

Introduction by Charles Esche
Panel with: Shaheen Murali, Deborah Cherry and Galit Eilat

Link Part 2
"I started by being interested in three words. One of them is speed, the other is road -referring distance- and the other is time." Ahmet Ö?üt

Panel with Kitty Zijlmans, Nezha Haffou & John Clark, moderator: Annie Fletcher
Presentation by artist Ahmet Ö?üt, Significant Encounters
Sa 24 Nov 2007 Link Part 1
"The only image of immortality that we still have is the video put in the loop."
"In the modern age: ritual, repetition and reproduction have become the faith of the entire world, the entire culture. Even the progress is ultimately reproductive"
"The literal repetition can be seen also as a way to personal self-secularization and immortality. Immortality as a subject that is ready to submit itself to such a repetition."
"Actually to be creative is to fall out of sacrality or sacral time and sacral space; it is to become profane."

Introduction by Charles Esche
Keynote Speaker: Boris Groys, Religion as Medium

Link Part 2
Panel with Els van der Plas, Annie Fletcher, Charles Esche & Sarah Pierce
Presentation of Them by artist Artur Zmijewski
Su 25 Nov 2007 Link Part 1
Introduction by Annie Fletcher
Keynote speaker: Paul Gilroy, Multiculture and Conviviality in Postcolonial Europe, moderator: Annie Fletcher

Link Part 2
Panel with Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika Sagar & Bik van der Pol, moderator: Annie Fletcher
Presentation of On Avant-garde Citizens and Recent Works by artists Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
Sa 01 Dec 2007 Link Part 1
Introduction by Annie Fletcher
Keynote speaker: Chantal Mouffe, Agonistic Public Spaces and Democratic Politics, moderator: Gerald Raunig.

Link Part 2
"Let us not search for a essentialist heart of identity; a weak is enough, not a superior certainty about the core of the values." Dick Pels

"Conflict and dissension can be seen as a community; as places of cherished differences." Dick Pels

Panel with Dick Pels, Rosi Braiditti & Vasif Kortun, moderator: Annie Fletcher
Presentation by Malu Halasa, Religion vs Facts on the Ground
Su 02 Dec 2007 Link Part 1
Introduction: Charles Esche
Face and Facelessness and Place and Placelessness of the Other, conversation between Kobena Mercer and Nikos Papastergiadis, moderator: Charles Esche

Link Part 2
"I want to tackle a theme that turned up many times during the last days, most of the time it was called "fear: But I will tackle it from a different angle, not from the angle of a "fear of loosing one's identity"or a "fear in the face of the other", but as an outcome of this postfordist working and living conditions. And that's why I did not chose the term fear but the term "precarity"." Gerald Raunig

"The camera is an inhibiting device which is governed by certain principles back from 19th century to do with time, cruelty and damage." Phil Collins

"Political visual art as daily practice works with the assumptions that politics are not just related with power, political actions are manifested in the relation between the person and the society, and also the society with the state." Agung Kurniawan

Panel with Gerald Raunig, Charles Esche and Phil Collins followed by You'll Never Walk Alone: How Art Activists Respond in the Age of Political (Art) Commodification?
Presentation by artist Agung Kurniawan
Thu 06 Dec 2007 Link Play
Keynote speaker: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, Alterglobalization and Conceptual Art