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26-28 JAN 07

Be[com]ing Dutch inaugurated its first public moment with a three days event we called The Gatherings. Artists, creative thinkers and general public were invited to come together to listen each others? experiences on art practice, and citizenship. We aimed to challenge and critique our various understandings of identity and visibility and offer imaginative possibilities for organizing ourselves collectively.

Participants/speakers that weekend were:

Mustafa Abbou - council member City of Eindhoven
Babak Afrassiabi - artist, Rotterdam
Abdellatif Benfaidoul - artist, Amsterdam
Bik van der Pol - artists, Rotterdam
Will Bradley - curator, Oslo
Igor Dobričić - European Cultural Foundation, Amsterdam
Erwin van Doorn - artist, Eindhoven
Surasi Kusolwong - artist, Bangkok
Freek Lomme - curator, Eindhoven
Gitta Luiten - Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam
Soheila Najand - Interart Foundation, Arnhem
Ahmet Öğüt - artist, Amsterdam
Maria Pask - artist, Amsterdam
Mario Rizzi - artist, Turin
Superflex - artists group, Copenhagen
Esra Sarıgedik - curator, Eindhoven
Nasrin Tabatabai - artist, Rotterdam
Abdelaziz Taleb - artist, Cologne
Aline Thomassen - artist, The Hague
Patrick van de Voort - Eindhoven Tegen Racisme, Eindhoven