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Creative Citizens InterArt
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Creative Citizens InterArt
SEP 07 / MAY 08

Creative Citizens is a new talkshow for young people. Expect an evening full of cabaret, debate, beatboxing, good food, music and a place to give your ideas of the world of today. Entrance is always free.

Creative Citizens - 1

Take a look at the world of today during Creative Citizens first launch in Eindhoven. What seems normal today didn't exist twenty years ago; flashing cellphones, youtube, free music on your I-pod. Not even a hundred years ago it was pretty normal to think what your parents thought, newspaper and religion deceided. Now it's your turn and you can choose between unlimited amounts of ideas, opinions, idols and internet.

6 October we will discuss the idea of being 100% human. Hoe do you evolve to the person you are now and is that different from how it used to be? What do you need in the world of tomorrow?

At this first Creative Citizens evening in Eindhoven we will discuss this and there will be performances of Jandino Asporaat, beatbox champion Nabil and Firewoodz hip-hop crew. Host of the evening will be Erik J. Dekker.


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Saturday 6 October
from 18:00 to 23:30 uur
AREA51 -Eindhoven